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The sandals consist of a sole held to the foot with the help of straps. It is open, breezy, easy, and comfortable footwear. They are the most commonly found foot covering. 

People of hot climates love to wear sandals to keep their feet dry and cool. Sandals are made from fabrics, foam, rubber, and plastics. Different types of sandals are available here like transparent, gladiators, saltwater, t- strap sandals, etc. 

The design of our sandal is trendy, comfortable, and cozy, which offers the best arch support, cushioned footbed, and good grip on the sole. 

They are available in flat sole and heels as well. You can choose sandals of any type for all types of occasions and dresses. Men can wear sandals with shirts, jeans, and eastern dresses.

Amark Store sandals have different designs that meet fashion trends; they have bows and straps of beautifully patterned fabrics. 

Key features

  • Breezy

  • Soft with a cushioned footbed

  • Trendy

  • comfortable

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