Crystal White House



This luxury Limited Edition Wooden Handbag features an amazingly intricate design replicating the actual Washington, D.C. White House on both the front and back. The first of this edition was given to First Lady Laura Bush while President Bush was still in office. The White House handbag is handmade entirely from meticulously hand-carved acacia woods, and is fully encrusted with over 7,000 Swarovski™ Crystals for an incredible impact. It is hand-painted featuring a white background with black and gray building details accented by green landscaping. The detailing is truly remarkable and was very difficult to create. A true collectible, and it will never be made again.


* Please note that all American Theme Handbags do not reflect the views of Timmy Woods.
Timmy Woods tries to represent Democrats and Republicans Fairly and Truly LOVES AMERICA!