Dog Bow Tie

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Do you want your dog to have a pop personality that never goes out of style? 

Then dog bow tie can be the best option. They are perfect for your dogs on birthdays, parties, holidays, and weddings.

Our store provides different dog bow ties to make the personality of your dogs very cool. Amark has fine Fabric bow ties available in various colors.

They are adjustable according to your dog's collar. Our bow ties are made up of quality material. 

The bow ties are thickly stitched and sewed from inside and out. They are highly adjustable and securely can fit on your dog collar.

You will discover highly affordable bow ties at the Amark Store. Check it out at our store and get your favorite one for your lovely pets.

Key features

  • Thickly sewn

  • Available in different colors and patterns 

  • Washable  

  • Easy to fit on collars

  • Soft and easy to fit

  • Very durable 

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