Pets Leashes & Collars

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Pets’ leashes and collars fulfill many roles. They are essential in long walks. Leashes and Collars are very safe to use. They restrain your pets from walking out, so they don’t get into problems.

Amark provides the best collars that are comfortable and safe for your dogs. We have sets of durable and inexpensive collars. 

These leashes and collars are also available in different colors and styles.

You can also get these leashes and collars in different sizes. They are also handy in sets that include (collar, harness, and a leash)

Get the right fit for your pets at a highly affordable price at our store. So what are you waiting for? Do check it out at Amark.

Key Features


  • Easy and comfortable to use

  • Safety focused

  • Neck-straps are easy to adjust 

  • Available in different sizes & colors


  • Long and durable 

  • Available in adjustment function