Kern OZP 555 Stereo Zoom Microscope Binocular



Stereo Zoom Microscope Binocular

  • The KERN OZP stereo zoom microscope stands out through its above-average magnification range
  • Its robust shape which is also ergonomic, it enables effortless, simple working over a period of several hours
  • With its large working distance, an extra large field of view and its brilliant resolution
  • The KERN provides sharp, high-contrast, colour-true image
  • The extremely large, continuously adjustable magnification range
  • 6 to 55 Times magnification means that you can work quickly and effectively
  • There is a choice of one binocular model as well as one trinocular model
  • For connecting a camera for documentation purposes and for quality reports
  • The pillar stand is particularly flexible due to its variable and sturdy adjustment mechanism
  • Therefore enables ergonomic working procedures
  • A large selection of eyepieces, (universal) stands, a darkfield kit
  • A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope
  • A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera to the trinocular version
  • You can select this adapter from the following model outfit list Scope of applicationzoology
  • Botany, quality control, electronics and semiconductor industry, assembly and repair
  • Applications/Samples with focus on three-dimensional, zoom
  • Variable magnification (depth, thickness), insects, seeds, circuit boards, component
  • Technical dataOptical system: Greenough optics
  • Brightness adjustable (separate) Lens barrel 35 tilt
  • Magnification ratio: 9,2:1 Light distribution 50:50
  • Eye distance: 52.0 - 76.0 mm dioptre compensation both sides
  • Tube: Binocular
  • Eyepiece: HSWF 10 x 23.0 mm
  • Field of View(mm): 38.3 mm - 4.2 mm
  • Lens (Zoom): 0.6x - 5.5x
  • Dimension: 330 x 285 x 470 mm
  • Weight: 11 lbs